Associate Ministers

The Associate Minister’s will work within the established priorities of the overall vision of the Association to help draw people to Jesus.

Servant Leader

Rev. Marshall C. Armstead


The objective of the Men’s Auxiliary shall be to assist our men and boys in interpreting the work of the Church and Mission work throughout the county, state, nation and world.

Servant Leader

Rev. Anthony Richardson


The purpose of this auxiliary is to train youth to become better Christians, Stewards, and to promote growth and outreach to all youth members in the association.

Servant Leader

Rev. Sean Tripline


The mission of the SBA Ushers and Physical Care Auxiliary shall be to serve as the coordinating body for Usher Board and Physical Care Auxiliaries of member churches and to fellowship with and provide support to all churches during special programs hosted by the SBA and individual churches. The SBA Ushers and Physical Care Auxiliary shall also provide training upon request.
Colossians 3:23-24


The objective of the Woman’s Auxiliary shall be to aid the Association in the extension of Christ’s Kingdom and to provide a scriptural avenue of service to women who wish to use their talents and resources to magnify the Lord. Women who are interested in spiritual growth through Bible study, support and promotion of worldwide missions, evangelism, benevolence, and Christian fellowship will find unlimited opportunities in the Women’s Auxiliary.”

Servant Leader

First Lady Deborah Flores

Music & Arts

Helping churches toward healthy worship practices, and supporting worship and music ministry leadership through inspiration, information, and relationship


Our goal is to equip churches for missions and ministry by offering resources to organize, train, and execute mission projects. Above all, our goal is to see people brought to salvation through Jesus Christ.

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